Get to know us

I am Ian Murrell owner and manager of The Cannons Hotels. We are a Self-Catering, Self-Accommodating Apartment Hotel.

We welcome you to experience the true warmth and hospitality of Trinidad and Tobago at our family owned and operated oasis which has been welcoming guest for the past fifteen (15) years.

Perfectly situated next to the vibrant Long Circular Mall , St. James, Port of Spain and with easy access to Public Transportation and in close proximity to The Ariapita Avenue Entertainment Strip, The Queens Park Savannah and ten (10) minutes away from The Capital Center, Downtown Port of Spain .

Our accommodations provide a friendly, HOME AWAY FROM HOME atmosphere blended with modern amenites complementing the islands rich culture and striking natural beauty.

The Cannons Hotels is renowned for its breathtaking countrywide Tours, immensing you in the scenic wonders that have captivated visitors for decades.

Whether you are a local wishing to rediscover your islands charms, or an adventerous traveller craving new experiences, our doors are open to create memorable moments tailored just for you.

Embrace the genuine Cannons Hotels hospitality and let us make your stay in Trinidad and Tobago truely unforgettable.


Ian Murrell

Founder / Manger

"Working at The Cannons Hotel, you really get to know the guests on a personal level. I love learning about their cultures, occupations and life stories. And they're always so fascinated to hear about my island upbringing. Those connections turn guests into friends you look forward to seeing again." - Sunil  Ramroop

"As a activities coordinator, I get to plan exciting adventures and experiences that really allow our guests to immerse themselves in the island culture. Seeing their faces light up with amazement when they encounter our beautiful waterfalls or vibrant marine life is so special. I feel lucky to work somewhere that creates such joyful memories." -Natalie Wilison

"Whether it's organizing a beach Trip, arranging a froest hike, Bird river tour or coordinating traditional food tour enhancing our guests' island experience is my passion. When I see how awestruck they are by our rich culture and natural beauty, it reminds me why I love representing my heritage through this job." Eric Thomas

In spite of the fact that I continue to discover sand in strange places, the Maracas Beach was well worth it. This is the bombshell that is the Cannons!

   -Brad Turner


"With hiking trails galore and wildlife at every turn, Cannons Hotel is a nature-buff's dream come true. My soul is replenished"

- Sharon  Mc Kathy


Cannons Hotel made us fall in love with travel all over again. From birdwatching to beachcombing, every experience was simply magical!"

- Andrew Gould


"Cannons Hotel is a nature-lover's paradise. I went for the wildlife and Culture tours were so insightful with mouthwatering cuisine., I felt like a local by the end!" Win-win!"

- Cara Roddy



The Cannons is the best and hottest spot in St. James. You get more bang for your bucks! It's close to all. Thanks to the great host named IAN, we were able to have a spectacular time!!"

  - Gail           

  -New York 8May 2024